MICCAI Young Scientist Publication Impact Award

This annual award recognizes a MICCAI conference publication by a young scientist that was presented at the main MICCAI conference within the past five years and that has subsequently had a significant impact on the field. The MICCAI Young Scientist Publication Impact awardees will be honored by a certificate.

The definition of and guidelines for this award can be found here.

Winners of the Young Scientist Publication Impact Award


Dr. Adrian V. Dalca

Guha Balakrishnan, John Guttag, Mert R. Sabuncu. Unsupervised Learning for Fast Probabilistic Diffeomorphic Registration, MICCAI 2018


Dr. Abhijit Guha Roy

Nassir Navab, Christian Wachinger. Concurrent Spatial and Channel ‘Squeeze & Excitation’ in Fully Convolutional Networks, MICCAI 2018


Özgün Çiçek

Ö Çiçek, A Abdulkadir, S S Lienkamp, T Brox, O Ronneberger. 3D U-Net: Learning dense volumetric segmentation from sparse annotation, MICCAI 2016 


Dong Nie

D Nie, R Trullo, C Petitjean, S Ruan, D Shen. Medical Image Synthesis with Context-Aware Generative Adversarial Networks, MICCAI 2017


Hao Chen

H Chen. Q Dou, D Ni, J-Z Cheng, J Qin, S Li, and P-A Heng, Automatic Fetal Ultrasound Standard Plane Detection Using Knowledge Transferred Recurrent Neural Networks, MICCAI 2015 


Holger R. Roth

HR Roth, L Lu, A Seff, KM Cherry, J Hoffman, S Wang, J Liu, E Turkbey, RM Summers, A New 2.5D Representation for Lymph Node Detection Using Random Sets of Deep Convolutional Neural Network Observations, MICCAI 2014


Angel Alfonso Cruz-Roa

AA Cruz-Roa, JE Arevalo Ovalle, A Madabhushi, FA González Osorio, A Deep Learning Architecture for Image Representation, Visual Interpretability and Automated Basal-Cell Carcinoma Cancer Detection, MICCAI 2013


Stefan Bauer

S Bauer, L Nolte, M Reyes, Fully Automatic Segmentation of Brain Tumor Images Using Support Vector Machine Classification in Combination with Hierarchical Conditional Random Field Regularization, MICCAI 2011


Bjoern Menze

B Menze, K Van Leemput, D Lashkari, M Weber, N Ayache, P Golland, A Generative Model for Brain Tumor Segmentation in Multi-Modal Images, MICCAI 2010


Samuel Gerber

S Gerber, T Tasdizen, S Joshi, R Whitaker, On the manifold structure of the space of brain images, MICCAI 2009


Tom Vercauteren

T Vercauteren, X Pennec, A Perchant, N Ayache, Symmetric Log-Domain Diffeomorphic Registration: A Demons-based Approach, MICCAI 2008


Caroline Brun

C Brun, N Lepore, X Pennec, Y-Y Chou, K McMahon, GI de Zubicaray, M Meredith, MJ Wright, AD Lee, M Barysheva, AW Toga, PM Thompson, A Tensor-Based Morphometry Study of Genetic Influences on Brain Structure using a New Fluid Registration Method, MICCAI 2008


BT Thomas Yeo

BT Yeo, MR Sabuncu, R Desikan, B Fischl, P Golland, Effects of Registration Regularization and Atlas Sharpness on Segmentation Accuracy, MICCAI 2007