Young Scientist Impact Award

This annual award recognizes a MICCAI conference publication by a young scientist that was presented at the main MICCAI conference within the past five years and that has subsequently had a significant impact on the field.

The definition of and guidelines for this award can be found here.

Winners of the Young Scientist Impact Award


Özgün Çiçek

Ö Çiçek, A Abdulkadir, S S Lienkamp, T Brox, O Ronneberger. 3D U-Net: Learning dense volumetric segmentation from sparse annotation, MICCAI 2016 


Dong Nie

D Nie, R Trullo, C Petitjean, S Ruan, D Shen. Medical Image Synthesis with Context-Aware Generative Adversarial Networks, MICCAI 2017


Hao Chen

H Chen. Q Dou, D Ni, J-Z Cheng, J Qin, S Li, and P-A Heng, Automatic Fetal Ultrasound Standard Plane Detection Using Knowledge Transferred Recurrent Neural Networks, MICCAI 2015 


Holger R. Roth

HR Roth, L Lu, A Seff, KM Cherry, J Hoffman, S Wang, J Liu, E Turkbey, RM Summers, A New 2.5D Representation for Lymph Node Detection Using Random Sets of Deep Convolutional Neural Network Observations, MICCAI 2014


Angel Alfonso Cruz-Roa

AA Cruz-Roa, JE Arevalo Ovalle, A Madabhushi, FA González Osorio, A Deep Learning Architecture for Image Representation, Visual Interpretability and Automated Basal-Cell Carcinoma Cancer Detection, MICCAI 2013


Stefan Bauer

S Bauer, L Nolte, M Reyes, Fully Automatic Segmentation of Brain Tumor Images Using Support Vector Machine Classification in Combination with Hierarchical Conditional Random Field Regularization, MICCAI 2011


Bjoern Menze

B Menze, K Van Leemput, D Lashkari, M Weber, N Ayache, P Golland, A Generative Model for Brain Tumor Segmentation in Multi-Modal Images, MICCAI 2010


Samuel Gerber

S Gerber, T Tasdizen, S Joshi, R Whitaker, On the manifold structure of the space of brain images, MICCAI 2009


Tom Vercauteren

T Vercauteren, X Pennec, A Perchant, N Ayache, Symmetric Log-Domain Diffeomorphic Registration: A Demons-based Approach, MICCAI 2008


Caroline Brun

C Brun, N Lepore, X Pennec, Y-Y Chou, K McMahon, GI de Zubicaray, M Meredith, MJ Wright, AD Lee, M Barysheva, AW Toga, PM Thompson, A Tensor-Based Morphometry Study of Genetic Influences on Brain Structure using a New Fluid Registration Method, MICCAI 2008


BT Thomas Yeo

BT Yeo, MR Sabuncu, R Desikan, B Fischl, P Golland, Effects of Registration Regularization and Atlas Sharpness on Segmentation Accuracy, MICCAI 2007