Introducing changes to the MICCAI Awards and Grants Program

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For many years, the MICCAI Society has promoted, encouraged and recognized students and early-career scientists, including those from diverse backgrounds, to enable them to attend and present at MICCAI Conferences.


To ensure these goals continue to be achieved, the MICCAI Society has just completed a review of the Awards program. We’ve made a few changes and are excited to be introducing a new award – the MICCAI Best Paper Award.


What’s changed:

MICCAI Society Main Conference and Satellite Event Participation Grants

The MICCAI Main Conference and Satellite Events Participation Grants brings together two previous grant programs that supported in-person participation at the satellite events and the main conference separately. The combined grant aims to provide financial support for students and early-career scientists, including those from diverse and underserved backgrounds, including but not limited to lower-income countries and countries where few papers are received, to participate fully in MICCAI conferences. Apply before June 30 to be considered.

MICCAI Student-Author Registration (STAR) Awards 

Previously known as the Student Travel Awards, the new name more accurately describes how the award supports the cost to register for both conference and satellite events.  This award serves two functions:

a) To honour the best first author students by subsidizing their attendance to present their work at the annual MICCAI Conference. Starting in 2024, candidates eligible for this award will be expanded to include all of those meeting the definition of MICCAI Young Scientists.

b) To assist in building the MICCAI community by selecting early career participants from countries of lower-income countries where fewer papers are received and authors are typically not well-funded to attend international meetings. 

MICCAI Best Paper Award and MICCAI Young Scientist Award 

The newly created MICCAI Best Paper Award merges with the previous MICCAI Young Scientist Award to recognize the highest quality papers published at the main MICCAI conference. All accepted papers to the MICCAI main conference are automatically considered for the MICCAI Best Paper Award, while those first-authored by MICCAI Young Scientists continue to be eligible for the MICCAI Young Scientist Award. Three MICCAI Best Paper Awards and five MICCAI Young Scientist Awards will be issued each year and recipients will be honored with a certificate.


For more information about these awards and others, visit the MICCAI Society Awards website.