Greetings from the Board

By Linwei Wang, Secretary

Linwei WangWelcome to the June issue of the MICCAI Society newsletter. I’m happy to highlight the work our members are doing on behalf of our Society. 

On behalf of the Board, my appreciation goes to the members of the MICCAI 2023 organizing committee and the reviewers who have been working extremely hard to prepare an exciting conference. With registration now open, it’s time to make arrangements to come to Vancouver, Canada.

And if you plan to submit a VISA application, apply asap to ensure you can attend MICCAI 2023 in-person. Registration (including payment) needs to completed to receive an invitation letter.

Soon after welcoming Jinah Park, Nicola Rieke and Pingkun Yan to the MICCAI Society Board of Directors, we updated the membership of our Working Groups. We also added a seventh working group called the MICCAI Clinical Working Group with a goal of fostering and managing relationships with clinicians and medical Societies. Visit our website where you can see who’s involved and learn more about how each of the Working Groups build knowledge and strengthen our community.

The MICCAI Society Awards have also been streamlined to increase clarity, reduce overlap, and ensure that they are aligned with the Society’s goals. In this issue, you'll learn about the new MICCAI Best Paper Award and the newly named MICCAI STAR Award that will be awarded at this year’s conference. 

I invite you to read this newsletter to learn about even more things happening at the MICCAI Society. I look forward to seeing you at MICCAI 2023!