Getting on board

This year, three directors will be completing their three-year terms on the MICCAI Society Board of Directors. Therefore, the MICCAI Society will soon begin the process of selecting and welcoming three new members to its board. These positions consist of one member-elected position, one board-elected position with the third being the Chair of the MICCAI 2026 conference.

 The process of selecting these new board members will begin soon and will be carefully administered by Honorary Election Officer, Max Viergever (pictured left), from the University Medical Center, Utrecht, the Netherlands,

Interested in getting involved? Do you know someone who should? Here’s an overview of this important election process.

First, one board member is elected by the MICCAI Society membership. To be nominated for the member-elected position, the following criteria must be met:

  • Only members of the MICCAI Society can nominate and be nominated. Self-nomination is not allowed.
  • In addition to the primary nomination by the nominator, each nominee needs a total of three nomination endorsements by MICCAI Society members from three different institutions.
  • Each Society member can nominate only one candidate for this election.  

The call for nominations will be sent to members shortly after the MICCAI conference. Nominations are expected to close on November 8, 2023.

Once the new membership-elected Board member is known, the procedure to select the Board-elected member will begin. This election is expected to take place in December.

And finally, the third new Board member is the chair of MICCAI 2026. At the time of this newsletter, the chair of MICCAI 2026 has not been identified.

We will be announcing the new board members in January when their terms begin.

Know someone who you’d like to nominate? First, make sure your MICCAI Society membership is in good standing, Then, watch for the Call for Nominations.