Greetings from the Board

By Caroline Essert, President


In approximately three weeks, we will be together – in person - attending MICCAI 2023 in Vancouver, Canada! I invite you to take a look at the conference program available online and take advantage of what each day offers. It will be an exciting conference filled with many opportunities to exchange ideas, discover new approaches and build connections with fellow students, scientists and researchers in our field.

This will be my 18th time attending a MICCAI conference, and every year I am excited by the novelties and new initiatives. This year, I am particularly thrilled by the increased emphasis on clinical topics, not only in the clinical sessions that have been added to the main conference program but also with the third edition of ClinICCAI. Our community will gain a new level of collaboration as we bring together more and more clinicians and researchers to share knowledge and experiences.

I am also looking forward to the always exciting events being hosted by our active and popular groups, the MICCAI Student Board, the Women in MICCAI and RISE-MICCAI. Read more inside this newsletter about what will be taking place this year.

To know more about how the MICCAI Society and associated groups promote and facilitate research, education and practice in our field all year long, I also invite you to participate in the MICCAI Society Spotlight on Tuesday, October 10. I’ll share with you the latest news from the Board and Executive Committee, and our plans to build and advance our community.

If this is the first time you are attending a MICCAI conference – welcome! You will quickly see that the conference brings together the leading experts from all over the world. You will be given an exceptional opportunity to present your work and see the latest innovations being developed in our scientific field. You may even meet these key players at formal and social events. Take advantage of the largest annual gathering of our community, join in and participate!

For many MICCAI Society members, this is also the time of year that your membership comes up for renewal. If you aren’t a member yet or know someone who could benefit by becoming one, it’s an ideal time to join. Come visit us at the MICCAI Society booth!

See you in Vancouver!

Caroline Essert
President, MICCAI Society