What are you looking forward to at MICCAI 2023?


Attending a MICCAI conference is a significant investment of both time and money. If you aren’t sure that the investment is worth it, here are some benefits you can expect to receive that may help you make your decision.

  • Interdisciplinary Exposure: MICCAI brings together professionals from various disciplines including technical and engineering fields as well as clinical radiology and neurosciences. This provides a unique platform for learning about the latest advancements and innovations across these fields.
  • Latest Research and Technologies: The conference showcases the most recent developments in the world of medical image computing and interventions. Attending ensures that participants remain at the forefront of their respective fields.
  • Networking Opportunities: One of the most invaluable benefits of attending such a conference is the opportunity to meet and connect with industry leaders, experienced researchers, budding academics, and potential collaborators.
  • Industry and Clinical Sessions: These sessions offer a blend of academic research and its practical implications. Industry professionals showcase the latest tools, technologies, and services, while clinical experts provide insights into how these advancements can be utilized in a healthcare setting.
  • Educational Value: MICCAI offers exciting includes workshops, challenges, and tutorials that provide hands-on experience, giving participants a chance to learn new concepts and skills. These sessions can be deeply educational, offering attendees fresh perspectives and knowledge.
  • Collaboration Possibilities: For academics and industry professionals alike, MICCAI is a platform to identify potential collaborators. Whether it’s a joint research project, a business venture, or a technological partnership, the conference lays the foundation for future synergies.
  • Career Opportunities: For young professionals and students, MICCAI can be a venue to identify potential career paths, meet potential employers, or even present their work to a global audience, opening doors for future opportunities.

Still not convinced?

We asked a few of the members of the MICCAI 2023 Organizing Committee for their reasons for attending and what they expect to gain from participating. Here’s what they had to say.


 “I am looking forward to connecting with colleagues from across the world to learn about what is happening in their fields. All too often, we can get trapped in the urgent deadlines, reports, and next steps.  MICCAI provides a chance to take a step back and see the big picture. I am sure that I will learn something new that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to discover.”

Bennett Landman, Vanderbilt University



“My key interest in attending MICCAI is to meet people in the domain and get to know their  work. Honestly, workshops and challenges started to excite me more than the main conference because, in these smaller sub-events, you can focus on specific topics in the domain and meet people directly working on the topics you are interested in.”

Mohammad Yaqub, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence


“I am looking forward to learning about the latest innovations in the medical image analysis and AI and medicine space. I am also extremely interested in understanding what innovations in the AI and medical image analysis spaces are being translated into the clinic. I am also interested in learning more about the startups in the AI and medical image analysis space”.

Anant Madabhushi, Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University


 “After several years of online and hybrid MICCAI conferences, I am looking forward to seeing colleagues in person. Especially, I look forward to attending the poster sessions and discussing with enthusiastic students and researchers their latest developments in MIC and CAI.”

Parvin Mousavi, Queen’s University



Picture8“The conference allows face-to-face and personal interaction between the mentors and mentees participating in the MICCAI Society Mentorship Program and an opportunity to cement lasting professional relationships. The program has been redesigned to run continuously throughout the year and attendees who seek mentors will also find this an excellent opportunity to connect with colleagues who have wider experience and career perspective.”

Marius George Linguraru, Children’s National Hospital and George Washington University



Picture10"I'm looking forward to being at MICCAI 2023, not only to reunite with cherished friends and catch up on their latest endeavours and plans, but also to seek their insights on navigating our ever-evolving field. Furthermore, wearing the hat of General Chair for MICCAI 2024, this year's conference is a great opportunity to gather feedback and perspectives from the community, ensuring we integrate the best of what our peers hope to see next year."

Karim Lekadir, University of Barcelona


Picture11“I am looking forward to re-engaging with colleagues whom I've not seen in a while and interacting with the enthusiastic trainees who are just entering our field.”

Ronald Summers, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center



Picture13“I look forward to attending MICCAI 2023 for the opportunity to delve into the latest developments in medical image analysis and image-guided intervention. Beyond knowledge acquisition, the conference offers a unique chance to meet researchers personally, fostering valuable connections. I anticipate engaging in discussions with others and broadening my scientific perspective through interactions with fellow researchers.”

Pingkun Yan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute