WiM launches new awards at MICCAI 2023

WiM is proud to announce the launch of a series of events in conjunction with MICCAI 2023. These events are designed to enhance the visibility of underrepresented groups, promote diversity, and inspire the younger generation within our community.

We're excited to introduce calls for applications for two of our featured awards: The "WiM Award for the Best Oral Presentation" and the "WILL Competition". These awards represent a tremendous opportunity for recognition and growth in the field. Scroll down for more details on how to apply.

In addition, the WiM luncheon networking event is set to take place during MICCAI 2023. This gathering will feature six esteemed panelists from both academia and industry. They will share their invaluable career journeys, providing insights on how they navigated challenges and achieved success in their respective fields. This is an excellent opportunity for attendees to glean knowledge, seek mentorship, and expand their networks. Please stay connected and keep an eye out for more updates and information.

Furthermore, we're thrilled to announce that the newly elected WiM Board members will be introduced during the WiM luncheon. Their leadership and vision will undoubtedly shape WiM's future endeavors and its continuous commitment to inclusivity.

Application information for WiM awards

We are delighted to announce the 2023 'WiM Award for the Best Oral Presentation', initiated by Women in MICCAI (WiM).

This esteemed award aims to recognize the highest quality presentation among the accepted oral papers at the MICCAI 2023 main conference, where the presenters are women students and scientists.

Qualified applicants are welcomed to apply using the following details:

Application link:

Application Deadline:
11:59pm AoE, September 15

Applicants need to upload a video lasting less than 10 minutes. This video can be the same as the one submitted to MICCAI. A panel of anonymous judges will review and shortlist the best videos based on content and presentation skills. One presenter will be selected as the winner and receive an award of $750, generously sponsored by Siemens Healthineers this year.

If you, or any of your co-authors, are interested and qualified for this award, please complete the application form and submit the video by 11:59pm AoE on September 15.

For any questions, please contact xiaoxiao.li@ece.ubc.ca. We look forward to your applications.


Information about the WiM Inspirational Leadership Legacy Initiative

WiM has many exciting initiatives to offer, see the information for the 3rd edition of WiM Inspirational Leadership Legacy (WILL) initiative below as well:

The WILL initiative aims to enhance and spotlight our MICCAI members and to build our digital community legacy that will facilitate in providing a bigger picture of our community to the outside world. Participants will share video interviews with inspirational MICCAI members (e.g., supervisors, colleagues, young researchers including Ph.D. students) in their fields.

New Format for 2023: 2-5 minutes of short videos, reels, and highlights. 
Whether you walk us through your lab or interview an inspiring colleague, supervisor, or young researcher (including Ph.D. students), we encourage creativity and engagement in your submissions. Feel free to talk directly to the camera for a more personal touch. And hey, a little humor never hurts anyone!

Please choose at least one of the topics below as the topics(s)/theme(s) for your interview:

  • Impact
  • Career path
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • 3 top advices
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Career Milestones

Top 3 winning teams will receive an award of $400, $300, and $200 respectively sponsored by Women in MICCAI. The winners will be decided through ranking from an independent panel of judges.

Watch this short walkthrough video to learn more about the WILL challenge.

Visit WiM-WILL Youtube channel, to discover last years’ entries. For any questions, please contact Ruogu.Fang@bme.ufl.edu.